Build & Play

High5 Products focuses on introducing challenging toys to the market for retail chains all over the world. These retail chains regard High5 Products as a reliable partner for unique products for building and playing.  
We can supply our products for your private-label brand or under our own label brand. 


Build & Play

Build-and-play items

What could be more fun than making your own toys?

Our build-your-own products don’t just stimulate children’s motor skills: they challenge children to interpret the construction drawings correctly. Of course, the drawings are always included in the package. So, it’s not just fun, it’s educational too. Afterwards, they can play with the toys they built themselves.  
The products below are included in our build and play category: 

  • Build wooden animals, airplanes and houses: colour them first, then assemble them.
  • Shrink and race car: build a racing car, then shrink it in the oven.
  • A range of cardboard building sheets: colour them first, then assemble them.

In short, our build and play items are perfect gifts for children who love to build and design. 

The above mentioned products are only a few examples from our build and play category. 

Custom-made build and play items for your private-label brand

All our products have our own label, but we can design and adapt them for your retail chain’s private-label brand. We can supply fully custom-made end products to our customers. The products’ packaging will match your corporate style, so they appear to have been manufactured by you. For many of our customers, this procedure is easy and efficient. 
You visit our showroom, select the products you want to include in your range and then decide whether they should be private-label products or not. For private-label products, our designers create packaging that displays your logo and details. We are in charge of the entire quality control process. 
When you are happy with the design, the product is taken into production and will be on your shelves within a few weeks. 

Are you interested in our build and play products?

If you are interested in our range of build and play items for your private-label brand, why not visit our showroom – you will be under no obligation to buy – or send us an email for more information.