Colouring & Craft

High5 Products focuses on introducing creative toys to the market for retail chains all over the world. Those retail chains regard High5 Products as a reliable partner for unique toys and craft items. We can supply our products for your private label brand or under our own label brand.


Colouring & Craft

Colouring and craft items for children

Our colouring and craft items do not only encourage children to be creative, they stimulate their imagination.

For instance, we have dressing-up clothes that children can colour as they like, which the kids can then wear for role playing, dressing up or a performance of their very own play.

Or how about a cardboard house or kitchen to decorate and furnish using crayons or stickers and then assemble? Now, that’s a perfect gift for any creative child.

We have also added these other craft-related products to our art and craft category:

  • An origami set, with instructions
  • Scratch sheets, with scratch pens
  • Pixel sticker posters: these posters can be completely covered with stickers, just follow the instructions
  • 3D greeting cards: make them to suit any occasion 
  • Stained glass colouring book: colour the glass like a real glass specialist
  • Water beads, the latest trend in iron-on beads; no oven required, only water
  • Modelling foam: lightweight clay that hardens when it’s modelled into shape

The above mentioned products are only a few examples from our art and craft category. 

Colouring and craft items for your private-label brand

We can supply your colouring and craft items to match your corporate identity, including your logo and contact details. We treat the products as if you had manufactured them. With the help of our design department, we provide custom-made packaging that is recognisable to your customers. And by custom made, we really do mean custom made. It means that your retail chain will be the only one to have that packaging on its shelves.

Are you interested in our colouring and craft items?

If you are interested in our range of art and craft items for your private-label brand, why not visit our showroom – you will be under no obligation to buy – or send us an email for more information.