Full concepts for children’s toys

High5 Products focuses on introducing challenging toys to the market for retail chains all over the world. Those retail chains regard High5 Products as a reliable partner for overall-concepts of children’s toys. We can deliver these concepts under your private-label brand or under our own label brand. 


Ready-made displays

High5 Products offers you, as a retail chain, the option of complete overall concepts. With this option, you don’t put together a range based on individual products; you simply choose the items for an entire rack in one go. This option allows you to offer your customers a range of toys with the same theme and style. You can focus these concepts on a specific target group. In addition, our concepts also make it easy to present a toy-category or a specific theme in an appealing fashion. High5 concepts means you can consider ready-made displays in the following categories:

  • Craft bestsellers
  • Fuzzy Squad
  • Mer-maizing
  • Magic Maisy
  • Slicky Slimys
  • Ooh-la-lama

Obviously, the examples above are not our only overall concepts. High5 Products offers various custom-made solutions.

Overall concepts for private-label brands

We can even align overall concepts for children’s toys for specific wishes based on your retail chain. It means that the entire range of products will have custom-made packaging and artwork. Furthermore, the display is included in the design and produced in your corporate identity. As a result, you have a ready-made overall concept for toys that are presented in a recognisable and well-organised fashion in your store in one go! Our custom-made concepts for children’s toys obviously comply with the mandatory quality and safety standards.


Are you interested in our concepts?

Are you interested in our concepts? Or would you like to know more about the options for children’s toys concepts for private-label brands? Please don’t hesitate to visit our showroom or get in touch with us, free of obligation.