Fun & Games

High5 Products’ operations include introducing children’s games to the market; our primary customers are large retail chains. Our products are never standard products. We can customise everything for your private-label brand. 

It means High5 Products is the perfect partner for any retail chain if you want unique products for fun and games. 


Fun & Games

Fun and games

Our Match Box Fun are small boxes containing things like games, colouring pictures and pencils and puzzles. 

They’re ideal to take on a journey or if children have to wait anywhere. This product is perfect for entertaining children, quickly and with very little effort.

In addition, you can order a Mini Basketball Game or Mini Quiz: we’re sure adults enjoy them too!

Custom-made games, to match your corporate identity and made completely and precisely according to your preferences and needs

These tiny games and the boxes that contain the games can be fully customised for retail chains. You just tell us which Match Box you would like to buy and which requirements you have for the packaging and we’ll do the rest. Our team of designers, project managers and quality specialists will ensure that your products are everything you want. The custom-made packaging will only go into production once you are completely satisfied with the design. We’ll make sure the right products are soon supplied. These products will, of course, comply with all the quality standards for toys.

No private-label products

If a private label isn’t relevant, you can sell the products under our label. All options are open and we like to contribute ideas that will help you get exactly what you want.

Are you curious about our games?

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