Magic & Pranks

High5 Products focuses on introducing challenging toys to the market for retail chains all over the world. Those retail chains regard High5 Products as a reliable partner for unique magic tricks and novelty jokes. We can supply our products for your private-label brand or under our own label brand. 


Magic & Pranks

The best conjuring tricks and novelty jokes

Baffle your friends with the best tricks or prank your parents with a whoopee cushion. Magic toys are a guaranteed succes with children. After all, what could be more fun than performing magic tricks like a real illusionist? Or scaring your mother with a fake spider? Magic toys teach children about the power of imagination by means of play. And besides being lots of fun, they’re very exciting too. The following products are classified as magic and novelty items:

  • Fun, easy tricks for learning ‘magic’
  • Whoopee cushions
  • Fake animals, including spiders, slugs, rats and worms
  • Novelty items, including a fake turd, an eyeball or a flag pistol.

Magic tricks and novelty jokes for your private labelling or brand

Our magic tricks and novelty jokes can easily be adjusted to accommodate your preferences for your private-label brand. A team of designers create custom-made packages and artwork to match your corporate identity. Accordingly, our products match your retail chain’s range perfectly and your customers will have no trouble in recognising them. We will take care of quality control. When you are satisfied with the design, the product is taken into production and will be on your shelves within a few weeks.

Are you interested in magic tricks and novelty jokes?

Are you interested in magic toys for your private-label brand? Or would you like to see the options? Please don’t hesitate to visit our showroom or get in touch with us, free of obligation.