Outdoor Toys

Although High5 Products’ operations are focused on craft items and games, we also introduce children’s outdoor toys to the market for retail chains. We can also design custom-made outdoor toys for you, which means that you can sell our outdoor-toy products in your shops under your private label.


Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys to stimulate the senses and challenge creativity

 Just like all our other products, our outdoor toys encourage children to be creative.  We have products such as chalk, which challenges to children to be creative or to draw exciting games.  We have also designed a special chalk-skipping rope: this rope creates more art with every jump.  Even if children don’t feel inspired, they can use the chalk stencils: all they need to with these stencils is to choose some colours and fill in the pretty shapes. In next to no time, the pavements will be turned into colourful art galleries. 

In addition, we have toys that can be used in water, such as diving rings and water balloons. These toys are great for holidays or on hot days. And our range of outdoor toys would not be complete without our kites or aeroplanes. 

Custom-made outdoor toys for your private-label brand

Perhaps you would like our chalk, kites or toy aeroplanes to be produced in your corporate style? No problem, we can arrange that for you. Our team of designers will work with you to make sure the packaging is everything you want, matches your corporate styles and contains your details. We’ll make sure the end product is treated as if it you had manufactured it. Perhaps you don’t want to use a private label? You can still buy outdoor toys from us. The products will have our own label, which displays our details. Of course, our outdoor toys comply with all the quality and safety standards. We do not use any chemicals that could harm children. If any of our products contain small parts, we always mention that on the packaging.

Are you interested in our outdoor toys?

If you are interested in our range of outdoor toys, then why not drop by and visit our showroom – there’s no obligation to buy – or send us an email for more information?