High5 Products – about us

High5 Products – about us

High5 Products is a young, creative and innovative company. We supply creative toys and craft items for children all over the world. Our main customers are retail chains, who sell our products as their private-label brands. Of course, you can sell our toys under our own label brand too. 

We design custom-made products for kids

At our branch in Tilburg, we design and create custom-made products for our customers. These products consist of:  Outdoor toys, indoor toys, hobby items, craft items, puzzles, games and cuddly toys. All these products can be custom made specifically for you; if you wish, we can put your private label on them too. We also have a branch in China, which means you can work with competitive prices.  When we design our creative toys and craft items, we look to the latest trends and developments for inspiration. Our design department works hard, every day, to introduce innovative products to the market; all our products comply with all European safety standards.  When we work with you, we can guarantee that you will always have a unique collection on your shelves – a collection that follows all the latest trends. We also supply seasonal creative toys and craft items and matching themes, such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas and St Nicolas (the Netherlands and Belgium), etc. This means that you can always update your collection.

Our team

Our team consists of designers, project managers, quality specialists and developers. 

Together, the team designs creative toys and craft items for retail chains; all the products meet the wishes and needs of those chains. If you are a customer, we will appoint one person, one of our Project Managers, as your contact. The Project Manager is like a spider in our web: he or she makes sure that all your preferences and needs are passed on to, and understood by, the team. Our quality specialists check that the products comply with all the safety standards.

Every team member keeps in close touch with the other members of the team so that, together, they can develop the most creative and safest products for children.

Quality & child safety

BSCI requirements and FSC® certification 

High5 Products is a member of BSCI and our manufacturers are annually audited to ensure that they comply with the BSCI standards.

European Toy Safety Directives

All our creative toys and craft items are fully tested and have been awarded certification in accordance with European Directive 2009/48/EC, pursuant to European standard EN71, which is the commonly used standard.


Moreover, High5 Products has had FSC® certification since 25 February 2014. This certificate means that we can guarantee you that our paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests. We were awarded this  FSC® certification for our environmentally friendly procedures.

If you would like to learn more about our certified products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

The synergy with AVEC


High5 Products is a sister company of Avec. Avec is a supplier of hobby materials for adults. With this synergy we can offer a wide range of crafts and hobby products; for both kids and adults. Together we are even stronger!

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